A Day in the Life of Emmet

Here it is, folks!  Hope you enjoy it. :D

Apologies in advance for the copious amounts of ‘I AM EMMET’ jokes, but Emmet’s verbal tic is horribly funny to me.

Lots of other characters snuck in here too.

Emmet: “I AM EMMET AND I AM AWAKE NOW.  Good morning, sibling, how are you?”

Ingo: “Emmet…”

Ingo: “I need you to leave.  Now.”

Emmet: “…why.”

Ingo: “Grimsley’s coming over.  I don’t want you in the house.”

Emmet: “But all you two ever do together is play darts.  Why don’t you want me around?”

Ingo: “Grimsley made it very clear that this is a ‘no brothers allowed’ darts game.”

Emmet: “But-”

Ingo: “GO.”

Emmet listened, even said both ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ within a span of a few seconds to Grimsley as he made his way out the door.

Once he got to the sidewalk, however, Emmet realized that he couldn’t remember the last time he left the house without his brother with him.

Not even giving Emmet a moped with glowy wheels lifted his spirits, and he pouted all the way to the park.

He felt better when he found butterflies tiny Volcaronas without Ingo around to tell him not to touch them.

Or Ingo around to tell him he’s far too old to go on the swings.

Emmet then ran into Cheryl.  Now, I can’t understand Simlish, but my best guess is she said something along the lines of “HERP DERP PONDS.”

Emmet: “I, Emmet, find you extremely strange.  I am going to leave where you are now.”

Meanwhile, Jasmine is in extreme inner turmoil over the park’s public bathroom.

Emmet then joined Erika on the trampoline and they attempted to have a battle in mid-air.  They gave up when Emmet’s Crustle accidentally jumped into Emmet’s crotch.  Luckily, Emmet recovered quickly.

Lyra admires Emmet’s swanky uniform from the ground.  See, ladies will ignore you acting like a huge man-child on a trampoline if you wear a swanky uniform!

Poor Wally suffers from both an asthma attack and his bangs clipping through his brow simultaneously.  No one bothers to help him.

Emmet: “I am Emmet and I am immensely frightened by what is going on with your body right now.  I am going to leave.”

Emmet is greatly amused by Flint’s bicycle helmet hair.

Flint, in turn, was greatly amused by Emmet’s tie.

Emmet: “I am Emmet and my eyes are up here.”

Proton is a tad disappointed that Erika’s skirt is too long to look up.

NOW he’s properly enjoying that new glowy moped.  OFF TO THE OTHER PARK.

Emmet realized that Ingo wouldn’t join him on that seesaw even if he was with him.

Kris fell asleep on the park bench like a hobo.  Old habits must be hard to break; there weren’t exactly many hotels around when she went on her Pokémon journey.

Chili wanted to sit on THAT EXACT BENCH.  He’s pretty pissed.

Palmer eventually joined Emmet on the seesaw.

A beautiful friendship would have surely blossomed between Emmet and Palmer if Emmet hadn’t gotten bored and went to play hopscotch with Leaf.

He lost horribly and decided to go to the community pool, away from the people who witnessed his awful failure.


Emmet: “Iris, have you ever searched for your name on the computer?  I am Emmet, and I did the other day.  Suddenly, all of these odd stories and images about my brother and I popped up!”

Emmet: “I would have spat my drink everywhere if I was drinking one.”

Emmet: “Have you ever found such things about you, Iris?”

Iris: “That’s…a little personal, Emmet.”

Iris made a mental note to search “Emmet and Ingo” on the Internet later.

N would throw paint on you if he saw you in that swimsuit, Whitney.

Even if I’m not sure he even knows what a swimsuit is.

Then, out of ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE, Whitney started drowning.

Neither Iris nor Emmet knew her very well, but they were still taken by surprise by this turn of events.

Emmet: “Wow, do you think Ingo would believe me if I told him I saw a person die?”

Iris: “…that’s terrible, Emmet.”

Emmet: “Is that a yes?”

Then, suddenly, Whitney was all right.  OKAY THEN.  (Glad I didn’t lose a Sim…)

Emmet went home after that.


Ingo: “Really?  I never would have guessed.”

Emmet: “I am Emmet and I had an AMAZING DAY.”

Emmet: “A moped suddenly appeared on our lawn, I saw a man with horribly amusing hair, I went on a seesaw with the Tower Tycoon…”

Emmet: “…and I saw someone DIE, but then she appeared out of nowhere, completely unharmed!”

Ingo: “…sure, Emmet.  Sure you did.”

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